Because all our actions have an impact, we want to do our part. 

Donating 10% of our benefits after taxes to small NGO’s dedicated to the preservation of wildlife

Minimizing our impact (recycling, eliminating the use of plastics, working remotely, implementing energy efficiency measures)

All of our merchandise is produced on demand and shipped from the closest location (US, UK, Continental Europe). We do not have stocks and we do not ship overseas.

Collaborating only with partners that share the same philosophy.

Working only with wineries with a strong commitment in reducing their carbon footprint.

Before starting Wines & Sake, we volunteered and collaborated with some of those organisations. We know that 10% is not much but every step counts. Every time you purchase a cool T-shirt or trust us to implement a marketing project, you are helping too. For projects of more than 5.000€, we send you proof and photos of your donations, so you can share with your audience and create awareness.

 All of us play a major role in making wine industry sustainable and the impact of climate change and loss of diversity is already huge on all wine regions. There is no time for kind words and good intentions that never materialise, we need to act now. Working only with providers, at all levels, that also do their part is a way to make clear how strong is your commitment to preserve this planet.

Want to learn more about how we give back to this earth that gives us so many great wines and sake? Contact Us